What need to pay attention to all stores before tea

We all know that

is a sure card has been prepared against want. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea shop, is a very wise choice. So, open a milk tea shop, we need to pay attention to what?

first, the environment around the shop. This is divided into two aspects: first, the selected shops around whether there are public toilets, garbage, sewers, roads surrounding is dusty, chemical plant is always harmful gas discharged thesearealltheissuestoconsider. Second, if the shop next to the station, commercial areas, densely populated location better; slope road, remote corners are poor.

not all densely populated, traffic convenience, are suitable for open tea stores, a situation surrounding only lanes and sidewalks, vehicles on the road, the line of sight nature can be swept into two weeks of shops, natural go in, there is a particular attention to the situation, the car, the sidewalk was separated blocked, pedestrians, this is actually a closed traffic, even if the flow of people, it is not appropriate to open tea shop.

second, store product positioning. Do a survey on the economic level of the consumer groups around the shops. What economic conditions determine what consumption concept. Some people go shopping, some people go to the market, where your tea consumption positioning?

third, select the brand of milk tea store. Choose a good business, the strength of the milk tea to join the brand is the most important. From the site to the training and management of marketing, free, new period of tea has been in charge of the franchisee, responsible for their own original single handedly, achieve win-win cooperation.

milk tea store, is a very promising project to join the choice. High quality entrepreneurial choice – milk tea shop. Good market prospects, worthy of our attention and choice. Worth joining! So, what are you hesitating about?

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