Severe air pollution in Ji’nan how to do start level V emergency measures

in the past when the textbook mentions the protection of the environment, although we all have this concept, but the specific environment to what extent, not a clear sense! However, with the development of economy, environmental pollution has become more and more serious in recent years. Ji’nan heavy pollution weather emergency command headquarters office issued a blue warning of heavy pollution weather, and start the emergency response level IV, is expected to Ji’nan 12 air quality will be heavily polluted. This is the winter of 2016 in Ji’nan since the sixth release of weather warning of heavy pollution.

the earth is our common homeland, protect the environment, to the protection and management of the environment, for the benefit of our own and future generations! At the same time, the warning said: by the environmental protection department and the Meteorological Department expects the joint consultation, meteorological conditions in Ji’nan city in January 12, 2017 is relatively stable, the air quality index (AQI) the average value of > 200 and did not reach the high level of warning condition, according to the requirements of "Ji’nan heavy pollution weather emergency plan", the heavy pollution weather blue warning, start IV the level of emergency response, and to take appropriate emergency measures.

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