Hao Peng research Xining economic and Technological Development Zone

  in April 7th, governor Hao Peng went to Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to investigate the production and operation of industrial enterprises, and chaired a forum to analyze the province’s industrial economy in the first quarter.

  Hao Peng and his entourage came to the Gan River Industrial Park and Industrial Park in the Yellow River Nanchuan, Xinye and Litong Aluminum Co. Ltd., Hao Peng understand the enterprise production and sales of enterprises in detail, downward pressure on economic and social responsibility case, affirmed no attrition, pay the practice. He hoped that enterprises adhere to the path of scientific and technological innovation, increase investment in R & D, production of high value-added products, to tap the potential to benefit, to innovation to benefit. How to further focus on fostering the growth of strategic emerging industries, Hao Peng has come to the era of new energy and new energy Co. Ltd. research, when understanding to the era of new energy Co. Ltd. this year and put into operation by the second power lithium battery production line, a quarter of sales revenue increased by nearly 6 times, and the production of a variety of intelligent green Amperex Technology Limited the lithium battery module, power supply cabinet products sales market situation is very good, Hao Peng is very happy. He encouraged to improve the core competitiveness of products in the efforts of enterprises, accelerate the expansion efficiency of high-end products, the key equipment upgrade and information technology, intelligent technology applications, accelerate the development of new energy and new materials industry. Tibetan sheep carpet Group in Qinghai, Hao Peng learned that the first quarter of this year, sales revenue growth of 98%, to achieve a good start, he was very pleased. He said that the Tibetan carpet industry in our province has the international competitiveness of export-oriented industries, obvious advantages, great potential, enterprises should strengthen confidence, take the initiative as a pioneer in the market to achieve expansion efficiency.

in the afternoon, Hao Peng chaired a forum to listen to part of the enterprise, the responsible person of the enterprise after the speech, he pointed out that this year, the whole province to fully carry out the new concept of development, actively promote the supply side structural reform, earnestly implement the strong innovation, to production, to the inventory, cost reduction, risk prevention and a series of policy initiatives, industry the economy showed a steady trend and development trend in the first quarter, a good basis for the annual industrial economic development. The next step, to further strengthen the confidence of all aspects, by deepening the structural reform of the supply side to promote industrial transfer mode, adjust the structure, increase power, and promote stable and healthy operation of the industrial economy, improve quality and efficiency. We should vigorously promote the development of new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, information industry, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries to become an important support for industrial restructuring and upgrading. Through the implementation of technological transformation of traditional industries to stimulate new momentum, while actively resolving backward production capacity, to make room for the development of new kinetic energy. Hao Peng asked relevant regions, departments and financial institutions to implement the steady growth of a series of structural adjustment policies and measures to help enterprises solve practical difficulties, to create a good environment for enterprises.

Zhang Guangrong, Zhang Jianmin, and, respectively, to participate in the forum and research activities of the.


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