China Unicom fully support the construction of Xining rail transit

In June 15th the Green Fair before the opening ceremony, vice governor Han Jianhua met with deputy general manager China Traffic Construction Group Co. Ltd. zhenshaohua line, the two sides held talks on strengthening cooperation in transportation construction projects. Zhenshaohua said, will play to their strengths and advantages, the full support of the traffic construction in our province and Xining rail transit construction.

Han Jianhua said that with the advent of high-speed rail era, and gradually build a number of increasingly accessible railway, airport project and the section of the highway, Qinghai is becoming a connecting the eastern and western regions of China, southwest and northwest, and the mainland border traffic hub. At present, our province "13th Five-Year" traffic construction plate was weighing planning, some project has been launched. We hope that the two sides to speed up the docking, and strive to seek more points of interest in both sides, in a higher level, broader strategic cooperation. At the same time, Xining rail transit construction has started preliminary research work, hoping to use external forces, the use of capital markets, the use of market-oriented means to help build.

Zhen Shaohua introduced the development of cccg, and that will give full play to their strengths and advantages, strive to carry out cooperation in transportation construction, city infrastructure construction, and further optimize the mode of cooperation, the full support of Xining rail transit construction.


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