College students innovation and entrepreneurship platform emerging

The reporter learned from the parties concerned, in recent years, colleges and universities in our province through college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program, teaching demonstration centers and education project resources, relying on the social practice base, strengthen the cooperation with enterprises and scientific research institutes, departments of social construction, all the students Pioneering Park, business incubators and other innovative maxspace business platform, to promote college students’ employment.

: Qinghai University has set up a passenger space, the total construction area of 500 square meters, in the incubation project 34, settled in Small and micro businesses 14, 101 people are hit off development; construction of innovation and entrepreneurship incubator for students of 3000 square meters; to promote the construction of the National University Science Park of Qinghai University, a total construction area of 30000 square meters. Has completed the incubator building research trial and a project started construction work, currently settled in science and Technology Park of well-known enterprises have reached 41. Such as Qinghai Normal University: constantly improve the existing 750 square meters of innovative business incubator center, in the incubation project of the 30. Such as the Qinghai National University has built 937 square meters of College Students’ innovative education practice base, set up 12 studios, 1 international companies settled; is the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship incubators for college students of 3000 square meters, 15 projects in incubation.


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