Active close to the masses to solve practical problems

on the afternoon of February 9th, the organization of the United Front conference held in the city, the municipal Party committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Su Rong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, City Union president Wang Haihong, Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Committee, Bi Xiaoning, vice chairman of CPPCC, municipal united front work department minister Liu Fade at the meeting were in the past year the city’s propaganda, the United Front work organization, summarizes the overall arrangements for the deployment of this year’s tasks.
will do this year, Su Rong organization, propaganda, United Front work requirements, at around the center and serve in the performance of their duties, be enthusiastic and press on the reform and innovation, to solve the problem, insist on strengthening the solid base, and comprehensively promote the work of the organization, the Secretary of the party construction, grasp the main industry exists throughout the work, the "Yan Zhili" this requirement exists throughout the work, the ideological construction of the key exists throughout the work, the "problem oriented" this method exists throughout the work. Adhere to the positive guidance, to create atmosphere, conscientiously do a good job of propaganda and ideological work, firmly grasp the initiative in ideological work, to further promote the construction of socialist core value system, vivid Xining tell a good story, create a good beginning for a new round of national civilized city. Adhere to focus, cohesion, continue to promote the work of the United Front, to fully implement the work of creating goals, to further improve the stability work, to further strengthen the work of democratic parties, to further promote the construction of non-public economy. See results in strengthening the three in the service of the masses, to the masses, solve practical problems, grasp the overall planning, pay attention to their own construction.

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