Xining Chengbei 12 million 630 thousand yuan to help the masses to tide over difficulties

this year, the North District of Xining City, the full implementation of the policy, take practical action to solve the problem of production and life, the difficulties of the masses up to now, the region issued a total of 12 million 634 thousand yuan premium low, re approved rural residents of 1964 people, issued 2 million 49 thousand and 400 yuan premium low, comprehensively enhance the people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction.

it is understood that, according to the protection of the object into the out, the level of subsidy has a fall, the management mechanism, the object of 100% household survey. Urban and rural households and five households have been insured, three objects a total of temporary subsidies and heating, gas subsidies totaling $4 million 880 thousand. For the 324 urban and rural areas with severe disabilities living allowance, to meet the requirements of the rural households, five households, with severe disabilities, key entitled groups and other four categories of personnel of houses for transformation, the average subsidy standard increased from 19 thousand and 200 yuan to 20 thousand yuan, the annual 103 renovation task completed and occupancy.

also invested 2 million 190 thousand yuan for the 630 City medical aid and rural medical assistance objects to implement a serious illness two rescue, and 84 people in urban and rural areas in accordance with the conditions of the implementation of the interim relief assistance. North District Hospital, Xining Second People’s Hospital, Xining Third People’s Hospital and other hospitals in the city launched the first cooperative medical assistance one-stop timely settlement services, benefit the region’s urban and rural residents object, the beneficiaries, key special 13 thousand people. (author: Fang Xu Yan Qingqing)

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