Sampling survey shows that the golden season of Xining tourism satisfaction steadily

seven or eight, September, Qinghai tourism reception booming, tourist trips, tourism revenue growth in the first half of the year than in the first quarter of two, but the surge in tourists did not pull down the province’s tourism satisfaction. Reporter yesterday from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, from the domestic tourism top research institutions — Chinese tourism research institute according to the sampling survey of tourists, each quarter release of domestic tourists satisfaction survey, the third quarter of 2013, in a sample of 60 domestic city, Xining with 67.05 points in the fifty-sixth, although the ranking is more reliable, but compared with the two quarter score and ranking improved. This shows that in the golden season of tourism, Qinghai tourism satisfaction is still steady.

in the two quarter, Xining tourist satisfaction score of 65.55 points, in a sample of 60 in the city ranked fifty-seventh in the three quarter, Xining tourist satisfaction; 67.05 points, ranked fifty-sixth, and in five northwestern provinces of the city, in addition to Xi’an in 25 and the rest of the city rankings are not ideal. As can be seen from the survey report, the traditional tourist destination and tourist destination tourist satisfaction score high.

Although the

competition in the country did not get a good ranking, but experts are still on the western region including Qinghai tourism affirmed, on the same day issued by Chinese Tourism Research Institute "in 2013 the first three quarters of the tourism economic operation analysis and trend forecast of annual report" pointed out that, affected by climate and summer seasonal factors such as climate, the level of the western region the rapid rebound, rebound from the second quarter of 109.55 a little boom level to 130.46 of the "more economic level". And this summer, with the domestic orange high temperature warning everywhere, baked test compared to the average temperature in summer in Qinghai is only 10 degrees Celsius, this natural cool so that the rapid growth of Qinghai as a summer resort.

experts believe that although the recent period of time Qinghai tourism satisfaction scores are not high, but the Qinghai tourism infrastructure, tourist service functions are in a stage of rapid growth, compared with other provinces, although there is a large gap, but in time, always catch up. The unique scenery of Qinghai, simple folk customs, cool climate, pure ecology is to spend money to buy, not under the strength training. (author: Wang Yalin)

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