This year, 42 cheap vegetables drove into the 102 communities

this year, Xining City Department of Commerce to continue to expand the cheap vegetable sales area, will organize 42 cheap vegetables direct car flow into the four district 102 community, fixed selling cheap vegetables and other agricultural products, every day more than 30 varieties, more than 20 tons of vegetables, with sales price 20% lower than the market price of zero. This is March 11th, the reporter learned from the Xining City Department of commerce.

from the beginning of last year, Xining City Department of Commerce set up cheap supply of vegetables area in Hualian, Wangfujing, Hui, Hakka, green Guo Fang and other 12 key supermarket chain stores, every day to the public supply of not less than 15 varieties of cheap vegetable prices fall more than 10%. At the same time, start parity vegetables, meat direct car project, the average price of vegetables every day to direct the car, vegetables, meat, nearly 20 varieties, in the form of parity into the community. It is worth mentioning that, during the holidays, but also introduced cheap meat into the community. Egg prices rose for the larger, take subsidies, increase egg distribution, 26 supermarkets and other supermarkets in the supermarket chain to carry out the supply of cheap eggs in the supply chain of the 9. The move was welcomed by the general public.

this year, Xining City Department of Commerce in the agricultural super docking direction, by supplying direct supplement for the production and marketing organization system, continue to carry out the focus of the supermarket supply of vegetables cheap, cheap vegetables to expand sales area, the increase of 5 stores in 12 major supermarket chain stores on the basis of 30, not less than the daily supply of 15 varieties cheap vegetable prices fall 10%, let people buy cheap food at home will be able to. Guide the Xining rural commercial company to carry out cheap food card docking, will transport cheap vegetables through the food card market key business households, supermarkets, discount stores direct docking, ensure transportation cheap vegetables direct supply sales. At the same time, to increase efforts to enhance the transformation of farmers market, guide the District of urban farmers market to enhance the transformation in the site environment, facilities and equipment, standardized management, construction and renovation standardization of 4 markets, so that people really benefit.


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