Wang Yubo stressed the need to cherish inclusive and harmonious city

the afternoon of November 7th, Xining mayor Wang Yubo responsible person accompanied by Vice Mayor Jin Jiuchen and relevant departments, Da Bao Zi Zhen Zhu Bei Cun, Chengbei District of West District Hing sea primary school, inspectors investigation of ethnic and religious work. Wang Yubo pointed out that as the province’s twelfth Party Congress put forward the important content of the construction of the "three zones", national unity and progress demonstration area of great significance, has a pivotal position and role. The city’s ethnic and religious system should seriously study and understand the spirit of eighteen, based on the actual situation, to firmly establish the "three cannot do without thinking, to further strengthen national religious work to do a comprehensive study of ethnic and religious work, make efforts for the city’s economic development, social stability and development across the province and long period of stability, to play its due role.

Wang Yubo stressed, inclusive and harmonious is the most important feature of the city of Xining City, Xining city is also the most important cultural characteristics. We should cherish this and promote it. To promote national unity and progress demonstration area as the starting point of the national religious work, to take effective measures to effectively advance.

one to grasp the awareness of national work to improve. In order to understand the important role of national unity in the economic development and social harmony, and the people; to recognize the fundamental purpose of national unity is to improve people’s well-being, to achieve understanding of the subject to the long period of stability; activities to create national unity and progress of all the peoples, everyone is building, everyone is sharing. To mobilize the people of all ethnic groups to participate in the formation of everyone to build a shared situation.

two to catch publicity and education. Wang Yubo pointed out that cultural harmony is the highest level of harmony, education is essential. To promote national unity of the party — cultural tolerance and harmony; to promote the various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development, has always been the main theme of ethnic relations in Xining; to promote the socialist core value system and the socialist core values into each in the hearts of the people of all ethnic groups; to promote cannot do without the leadership of the party and the "three one cannot do without"; to the motherland consciousness, legal consciousness, promote national unity consciousness. Through unremitting efforts to promote propaganda and education, so that the national unity and progress of consciousness.

three to grasp the typical guide. Discover, cultivate, timely recognition of typical promotion, to promote the city’s national unity and progress to create a demonstration area. All districts and counties, departments, units in promoting national unity, there are many innovations, there are many bright spots, but also a lot of experience, to sum up the promotion in a timely manner.

four to grasp governance according to law. To hold high the banner of the Constitution and the law, do a good job of national religious work in accordance with the law. In accordance with the law to promote development and improve people’s livelihood, improve production and living conditions of ethnic minorities; to promote the equalization of public services in accordance with the law, to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities, to further consolidate the equality, unity and mutual aid and harmonious ethnic relations; according to the management of national religious affairs according to law, resolve various contradictions; Marx should firmly establish the concept of nationalism and religion and the rule of law to speak, speak, speak, speak with respect to guide in the implementation of national religious work.

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