Xining union helping laid-off workers and peasants, Thangka Duixiu skills

"this can be funded learning Thangka Duixiu skills, we are so happy, it is our family union!" In November 10th, held in Xining City Federation of trade unions of laid-off workers and migrant workers skills training, Duixiu Thangka, built from seven female workers laid off Xu Xianzhi with emotion, expressing the common aspirations of all participants.

it is understood that the organized training activities, Xining Sheng occupation training school as a union worker skills training base has organized the first phase of training, 150 laid-off workers, migrant workers will take part in a month of training, the training period after passing the examination issued "Qinghai province occupation skill training certificate". At the same time, the training base will also provide students processing, production orders and finished product sales service series.

in recent years, the Municipal Federation of trade unions to fully integrate social resources, relying on the carrier assistance center, laid-off workers and migrant workers to actively carry out aid operations, expanding the coverage of aid work, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of aid work, and focus on social needs, market demand, the training aim of unemployed workers anxious, hope, want, has been built in our city of the people of Qinghai cooking school 10 workers entrepreneurship training base, including Qinghai bestwiz business training school this year was named the "national union employment training base, training related to beauty salons, car driving, computer operation, handicrafts entrepreneurship, training more than 10 professional. Since 2008, the Municipal Federation of trade unions of laid-off workers and migrant workers training a total of more than 1100, employment 930, of which 109 people succeed in creating and promoting employment of 270 people, the majority of the unemployed and migrant workers praise.


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