With participation, conspiracy to see the development of Chaoyang joy and sorrow

September 24th, Chaoyang North Street People’s Congress liaison group and CPPCC liaison group organized some seventh Seongbuk Chaoyang area of NPC deputies and CPPCC members listened to the 1-8 Chaoyang Street Party Working Committee, the office of development. Representatives and members visited the Beichuan East Road community management innovation, community cultural activities, community services for the people to carry out the work. Subsequently, representatives and members of the line to the north along the mountain road trench conducted a field inspection, and on how to further strengthen the regional efforts to create a city, promote the harmonious development of the region were discussed.

in creating the city to work in a proposal, to adhere to the problem as the core, comprehensive investigation and remediation efforts to increase the prominence of the appearance and environmental sanitation. Two to play the NPC deputies and CPPCC members duties, and actively for the street economic development, social harmony and stability suggestions, and jointly promote the harmonious development of chaoyang. Three to multi financing, and gradually increase investment in infrastructure facilities, extensive mobilization of the public to support the creation of the city, to participate in the creation of the city, and strive to create a clean and comfortable living environment.


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