Xining air pollution control to see the effectiveness of 52 people wrote a letter to thank the gover

"gold medal, as people praise". Even Japan, Xining great efforts to take a series of effective measures to control air pollution and water pollution, visible effect to let the people clap, and have to call the newspaper news hotline 96369, praised the Xining pollution control work. October 15th, the newspaper received a letter of thanks from 52 people, the letter of plain words, expressed their recognition of Xining pollution control work and heartfelt gratitude.

sunshine, air, water, is the survival of each of us elements. Since the beginning of August, Xining city held a special meeting to study the deployment of pollution control work, put forward 10 measures to develop a number of pollution control system, start accountability mechanisms, the mobilization of antifouling pollution. All this, the public in the eyes, in mind.

September 28th, Xining Nanchuan road Richstone community 51 residents, will be jointly written letter of thanks sent to West City newspaper. On the same day, a resident of Nanchuan road also sent a letter of thanks. In the letter, full of gratitude to the 52 residents.

Nanchuan road Ruichi community 51 residents wrote in the letter, the station dust pollution, noise pollution in two zones of concrete mixing in Nan Xiang Shui Mo Cun road, let the surrounding residents miserable, not only that, but also a serious threat to stand in the natural gas pipeline road pavement concrete mixing the two lane. Xining City, the two forced to shut down the concrete mixing station, not only eliminates the Road gas pipeline under threat, the surrounding residents can rest assured, safe travel, the big fast people, residents have applauded for the Xining municipal government for the private facts, good to express my heartfelt gratitude.

Nanchuan road an old residents said in the letter, and his family life in Nanchuan road has more than thirty years, changes in Nanchuan road environment they are visible before the eyes. Previously, Nanchuan road narrow road, tractor, muck truck, concrete vehicle after the dusty road. Problems of Nanchuan road dirty environment, aging facilities, but also to the life of the surrounding residents, causing distress to travel. Recently, Xining city district government to improve the environmental sanitation Nanchuan Road, Nanchuan road along the face every day, take on an altogether new aspect of sprinkler, sprinkler, pavement damage has been repaired, the road not only clean, smooth, air is fresh, the old people heart is bright. See the living environment has been improved, letters are deeply grateful to the government’s livelihood projects to bring benefits to the majority of residents. They hope that such a project can always be sustained, long-term mechanism. (author: Wu Yachun)

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