Precipitation is significantly less than the city of Xining in advance into the high-risk period of

on the afternoon of December 13th, the city held fire drills. Reporters learned from the drill site, from the perspective of the meteorological sector to see, from October to the current rainfall in our city significantly less than the same period last year, two to 40%, the city has entered the forest fire risk.

this winter and spring, forest fire prevention work in our city is facing the grim situation, according to preliminary statistics, as of now, the city (including three counties and four districts) have fire more than and 30. From the climatic factors, the spring and summer this year, the city’s rainfall is significantly more, lush growth of forest vegetation. The amount of fuel in the forest increased significantly, and the fire risk increased rapidly. At the same time, after entering the winter fire period, the city’s strong winds increased significantly, December 2nd 14 and at the time of the year in December 4th, when the city meteorological observatory issued two consecutive strong yellow warning signal. From the management situation, into the forest production, tourism, construction of mining personnel increased, smoking, forest fire, burning grave fire hazard is still prominent, the source of fire control difficulty.

according to the current forest fire situation, the city further increased the patrol, patrol efforts, the county forest units deployed personnel to carry out the mountain patrol; strengthen forest fire prevention, nearly 100 thousand yuan to raise funds for forest fire prevention printed promotional materials, widely distributed; strengthen the firefighting team construction, from Datong County set up fire the professional team experience in Huangzhong county has set up a professional firefighting team. Actively carry out firefighting team exercises, the exercise is used in modern distance intelligent fire extinguishing system, through the exercise, improve the ability of the players to use advanced fire-fighting equipment and combat fire. (author: small words)

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