2011 Annual City cadres health examination work in an orderly manner

since September 1st to carry out health examination work of cadres in the city, 7 medical institutions undertake cadres attention, careful arrangements, organization of medical personnel to seriously study and understand the spirit of the relevant documents, according to the medical units and places of cadre health care committee office distribution, detailed examination time schedule were established with Dean for medical work the leading group of the first responsible person, the formation of expert group and contact group, members of the contact group ahead of a few days to the relevant units of service booking card, reservation and answer questions, to ensure the orderly conduct of cadres. The
as of October 15th has completed the cadres of 5513 people, including: a city hospital completed 668 people, two people, 1985 hospitals completed three hospitals completed 159, completed the 863 people hospital of Datong County, Huangzhong county hospital completed the county hospital 148, Huangyuan completed 690.

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