Efforts to solve the problem of primary and secondary school teachers

project, for the education. Education, teacher oriented. I adhere to strengthen the construction of teachers in primary and middle schools as a fundamental guarantee of promoting sound and rapid development of basic education, take effective measures to solve problems and do practical things for primary and secondary school teachers, improve the overall quality, new progress has been made in the primary and secondary school teachers.

provincial government attaches great importance to the work of teachers, improve the quality of education, promote equity in education, cultivate high-quality professional teachers, issued a "decision on strengthening the construction of teachers in elementary and secondary schools". According to the "opinions", the province continued to enrich the power of teachers, teachers’ treatment in accordance with the law, strengthen the training of teachers in primary and secondary schools, increase the turnover of housing construction of school teachers in remote area, primary and secondary school teachers work made a series of results.

living subsidy policy to benefit more rural teachers. 2013, the province set up a township job subsidies system. The province more than 2.3 rural teachers with other Township staff together, according to the different categories and job titles in different places, enjoy a monthly salary of 200-500 yuan subsidy. Annual subsidy of about 90 million yuan.

to speed up the construction of primary and secondary school teachers turnover housing. During 12th Five-Year, the province to increase the intensity of primary and secondary school teachers in remote areas of housing construction efforts, the total investment of 686 million yuan of construction funds, built a set of 330 thousand square meters of teachers turnover room. "13th Five-Year" during the construction of 362 schools in the province will be 10401 sets of teacher turnover dormitory, to meet the requirements of the teachers housing into the local housing security, improve the teachers’ living conditions. By 2020, the province basically solve the problem of rural teachers turnover dormitory.

multi channel to improve the quality of rural teachers. With the "national training plan" and "provincial training plan" as the guide, the implementation of rural teachers for 5 years a cycle of not less than 360 hours of training. During the 12th Five-Year, arrange the national training funds 149 million yuan, the provincial training arrangements funds of $105 million, training teachers 112 thousand passengers. From 2016 onwards, our province in the national pilot areas students directed free education to carry out bilingual teachers, improve teachers’ training quality from the source, to further strengthen the agricultural and pastoral areas especially the six Tibetan primary and Middle School Bilingual teachers.

to establish the honor system for rural teachers. National, provincial and municipal (state) and county (city, District, appoint) the establishment of rural teachers honor system from 2016, respectively in the rural schools from teaching 20 years, 15 years and 10 years of teachers awarded honorary certificates. Constantly improve the rural teacher recognition mechanism, every 3 years to carry out the 1 "outstanding rural teachers in Qinghai province" in recognition of the education system, in recognition of advanced collectives and individuals so inclined to rural schools and rural teachers in the selection, to carry out extensive publicity of outstanding rural teachers deeds, vigorously promote the lofty spirit, adhere to the rural teachers in rural village post, quiet dedication, encourage the majority of teachers in the countryside to teach in a long term, teach.



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