Municipal Health Bureau to complete the task of greening the spring

afforestation, greening barren hills, is related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood, the benefit of future generations, but also an important measure to further enhance the quality of the city. At the beginning of this year, the office of city greening headquarters issued a task, I Bureau promptly convene a special meeting on the greening work carried out detailed arrangements, and designate a person responsible for the overall greening implementation and supervision and inspection. One is the greening work in 2011 were summarized. The two is to re adjust and develop the program of work, a comprehensive inspection of land preparation and planting on 2011, not up to the standard plots were renovated and re planted, to ensure that does not stay dead. Until now I had a total investment of 10 yuan to complete the preparation of 400 acres and 200 acres of green plant, planting more than 2000 trees planted poplar, Chinese wolfberry more than 15000 trees, elm trees more than 20000 trees and other trees more than 1000 trees, saplings watering green areas 1 times, the purchase of 1000 meters of green area and water pipe to maintenance and repair. From the beginning of May 1st, long-term employment of 4 people on the green area of the water and the formation of a long-term mechanism for the 2. Basically meet the requirements of the green command, adhere to the implementation of 24 hours on duty system and new fire tools, set fire permanent signs. No fire accident occurred in green area.


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