Tourism will propose to regulate business behavior to promote the healthy development of the tourism

June 4th, the national tourism market standardize special action television and telephone conference venue in Xining, solid tourism market rectification, standardize business practices, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the tourism market in the province.


session, rectifying and standardizing the order of the tourism market and to achieve grasping characteristics, create tourism province target combination, and improve service quality, promote the combination of style construction. Each region should take this special rectification activities as an opportunity, combined with the specific requirements of morals construction of responsibility, solid tourism style construction. To further accelerate the construction of the industry credit system, the development of good faith standards, and strive to build a good foundation for trade credit. Guide tourism enterprises to standardize management, improve service quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. At the same time, for those who deliberately disrupt the tourism market, or fraud, damage the interests of tourists behavior will not be tolerated, once found to be severely punished.

meeting stressed the need to rectify and standardize the order of the tourism market with the integrity of travel agencies and hotels and restaurants to carry out in-depth service activities and scenic spots (point) standardized services combined. To regulate the operation of the rectification of the travel agency, travel agency business and resolutely crack down on illegal behavior, ban "black society", maintaining the normal market order rectification; travel agency beyond the scope of business and illegal transfer, transfer license, regulate the travel business activities of travel agencies; carefully anchored contracting problems the travel agency, to curb disorderly conduct market; carefully check the travel agency to buy travel insurance, severely punished not to buy liability insurance business units. The star hotels should implement the requirements of the star rating standards, improve the management level and service quality of the star rated hotels. Scenic spots (spots) are the main places for activities of tourists, the tourism administrative departments at all levels should focus on the regulation of tourism scenic area (spot) and its surrounding tourism environment in order to combat qiangmaiqiangmai, price fraud, cheating and other acts or dominate the market, and constantly improve service quality and level of hospitality. (author: Lu Hai)


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