The most beautiful folk singer xiadou diffuse flowers

"Summer summer mountain water, Xining’s most beautiful girls. Beer wine to drunk, good flowers to you drunk." July 2nd (the 6th day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar), organized by the Provincial Cultural Museum, Xining City Bureau of parks and other units of the eleventh session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) flowers concert opened in Nanshan park. 11 ethnic singers from five provinces in the northwest in summer, passionate and diffuse from the hearts of the most beautiful flowers.

concert singer lineup this year, five provinces (autonomous regions) in the northwest of the 82 singers participating, is the largest ever concert singers. This also invited to the foot of the mountain from the Kazakh singers and Uighur singers. This is the song of flowers have been recorded since the activities of the songs of the ethnic minorities increased from 9 to the 11. The flowers in the concert "the source of rivers, flowers home" as the theme, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and Shaanxi province famous flowers singers "Pingchuan look up the mountains", "old man", "in fifty-six ethnic groups is a" such as rich content, various music to flowers, so many the audience appreciate the different styles and high artistic level of the classic flowers. China’s famous flower queen, national level actors Su Ping singing five order flowers sing Yanqi Art Troupe performances, Xinjiang Hui The Flowers song "flowers and young" and "old man" in Kazakh Folk ", a lovely rose", the concert atmosphere to a climax, attracted the audience’s applause, cheers. Sing the happy, happy flowers, flying over the Nanshan Park, to bring people a wonderful artistic enjoyment.


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