The three real implementation requirements

Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoduo stressed: "we have to seriously study, Luo Huining Secretary thematic lectures." At the same time, Wang Xiao to "dry in practice, at the forefront of the title about three strict three thematic lectures, leading cadres at all levels of the city thinking and action with the central and provincial policies and arrangements. Carry out the three strict three special education. In recent days, the city’s various units and departments of Party members and cadres set off a wave of learning boom! We have said that to understand the painstaking study of thoughts, understanding, grasp the essence, cogent the party education achievements into practice the three three real strict conscious thought and conscious action. To strictly from the real spirit, so that the ideological understanding should be strict, the rectification of the problem should be strict, strict rectification of the rectification, strict standards to promote in-depth, practical style to seek practical results. To do the work in the forefront of the spirit of writing a new chapter of prosperity and stability in Xining.

: for example

Municipal Organization Department in learning in practice the three three real strict.

Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Xiao three strict three special education lectures has aroused strong repercussions in the city’s party members and cadres in the Organization Department, as the city’s three strict three special education organizers, implementers, promoters and practitioners will conscientiously fulfill the dual responsibilities in learning, practice the three three real strict go ahead and make an example.

into the cadres spirit core

June 1st, Municipal Standing Committee, ministers of the organization Bi Xiaoning dedicated to the city’s organization system of cadres to study and implement the party secretary Luo Huining Wang Xiao, Secretary of the three three real strict party spirit education counseling. He pointed out that the Secretary Luo Huining, Secretary Wang Xiao in the party with ancient back, Pangzhengboyin, by listing the typical two sides, to solve the leading cadres who are "lax false" problem, reason, the moral demands for Party members and cadres to learn to understand and carry out the implementation of the three three real strict provide a "book" and "golden key". He stressed that the city’s organizational system and the majority of cadres working system must take the initiative to put themselves in the first step, learn to learn. Efforts should be made to the three three real strict organization system become "genetic code", "internal organization of cadres of the heart", "spirit". The organization system of cadres said, will be two dangke report as to carry out the three strict three special education, practice the three three real strict "textbooks", earnestly study and grasp the essence of spirit, carry out the specific requirements of the masses, striving to service cadres; solid work, striving to be practical due diligence, cadres; to be served as cadres to be honest cadres; wholehearted devotion to public duty. To strengthen the work style of cadres, always keep the people and the law and the moral awe, correctly treat the real power in the hands of, in general, in learning to practice the three three real strict "go ahead, to set an example.

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