North District of Xining City, the introduction of the eight requirements of Party members and cadre

To conscientiously implement the party’s eighteen and the spirit of the central eight provisions, the province, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection "on New Year’s day during the Spring Festival, strict discipline and strict implementation of self-discipline notice" the spirit of the relevant regulations, the Commission issued "Chengbei District of Xining city during the spring Festival eight self-discipline regulations", education of the party members and cadres have a clean years and years of thrift.The provisions of the eight

: non use of public funds to entertain each other, eating and drinking, participate in high consumer entertainment fitness activities; strictly accept subordinate units and individuals, and the exercise of units and individuals have the authority to name the relationship, such as friendship pay New Year’s call gift of gifts, gift certificates, coupons (card) and valuables, is strictly prohibited to the superior units and individuals and the exercise of units and individuals have the relationship of authority give gifts, coupons, coupons (card) and valuables; forbidden to participate in gambling or disguised gambling, prohibited lavish weddings and marriage and other forms of convergence of money; strictly prohibited under transfer, enterprises and units to apportion, reimbursement of expenses; in any form is strictly prohibited illegal subsidies and bonuses at the beginning of this kind, resolutely ban assault money, junk money and goods and shopping coupons (card); prohibited use of public funds to travel or change All models of tourism; strict management with the use of official vehicles, prohibited Gongjusiyong; strictly control the year-end examination appraisal standards in recognition of activities to reduce all kinds of tea party, party. (author: Su Jianping)


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