One hundred warriors for the first time to challenge the plateau drift limit

7 from Feb 15 to July 22nd, the world cup for the first time in Chinese drifting competitions, even more exciting is that the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province Yushu city was officially recognized as the host city of the World Cup tournament, which is drifting to host the world cup in the plateau altitude of 4000 meters above the first time. This is the reporter from June 28th 2016 drifting World Cup Yushu event news conference learned.

it is understood that, in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of drifting, this event is set to sprint, PK, hurdles, long distance race. This year plans to organize 16 countries, more than 100 players to participate in the world cup drifting 2016. At present at home and abroad have been identified 18 teams participating, working group competition event by the International Federation of drifting 8 international referees appointed Executive, China extreme sports association will transfer 12 domestic assistant referee and 10 lifeguards drifting together to complete the tournament competition and the rescue work has been completed at the same time, Yushu city all game related vessels, equipment procurement, and plans to borrow the drifting World Cup, in July at the beginning of 6 km Yushu intercity rafting project, is planning to open the power boats drifting through the drifting project, lead and drive around the rapid development of related industries.

, vice mayor of Yushu F Bbu Fagafaga Zo introduction, Yushu city began to promote sports development and international rafting rafting events in the bidding work since 2014, has hired senior experts in R & D rafting rafting project, the formation of the Yushu drift Association, the establishment of the Yushu Chinese rafting companies to the State Sports General Administration of water sports management center has been officially approved by the Yushu state plateau training base drift.

, deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau Yang Pei introduction, this is the world cup drifting since the establishment of the first time in the Chinese contest, but also China first obtained the right to host the international city drifting A-class events, but also the Yushu city and the world shook hands for the first time, international sporting events hosted such a high specification. Yang Pei said that the 2016 drifting Yushu hosting the world cup, the cultural and economic significance far beyond the scope of sports, will become a big stage for sports, tourism and culture as a whole, and a new name card to promote the Qinghai plateau natural scenery and historical culture.


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