For the Xining evening news tour Shanghai World Expo Expo readers receive red envelopes again

Following the

to carry out read the Xining evening news, after winning the Expo tickets "activity, to the readers of this newspaper once again issued the Expo red envelopes, where the annual subscription of" Xining Evening News "readers will enjoy the opportunity to train tour in World Expo.

from May 1st to October 31st held in Shanghai World Expo, there will be more than and 240 countries and international organizations to participate, aspect can be described as colorful and wonderful, is not out of a chance to see the world, would like to visit Shanghai and the Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo needs to make an appointment in advance, advance purchase tickets, the individual tour will face a lot of inconvenience to the return of the readers of the "Xining Evening News" the love of the issuing company held a "subscribe to the Xining evening news, Shanghai tour World Expo" activity, the annual subscription of "Xining Evening News" readers can participate, and can receive the Shanghai World Expo team tickets, enjoy the convenience and preferential delegation to visit Shanghai World Expo train, activity please pay attention to the details of related activities.


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