Qinghai residential film and television city will be located in the Northern District of Xining

to create acres of lavender flowers, construction has the characteristics of the 50 inter Qinghai Hehuang residential Town, Baoziwan village tourism circle construction in the north area of Xining city is in an orderly manner. This is a reporter yesterday from the city of Xining city science and Technology Tourism Bureau received the news.

this year, the North District of Xining City, in-depth implementation of the province’s cultural tourism integration development conference spirit, relying on the "ring of summer tourism circle" ecological tourism resources and geographical advantages, strengthen infrastructure construction, to Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park as a leader, to strengthen the construction of Baoziwan rural tourism circle, the implementation of a total investment of 12 million Yuan Xiang Qu the farming culture tourism facilities ecological park upgrade project, mainly to build the acres of lavender flowers, construction has the characteristics of the 50 inter Qinghai Hehuang residential Town, built in self driving camp and reception facilities of Xining’s largest and most comprehensive, and actively promote the 50 acres of fishing pond and water park, Xining in winter snow field construction, new 4000 square meters and 2000 square meters of rural tourist Guesthouse Rustic performing arts center. At present, the project has completed 40% of the project, completed an investment of $4 million 800 thousand.

at the same time, Chengbei District Baoziwan town relying on the surrounding natural conditions and resources, accelerate the development of tourism, leisure, entertainment, picking folk experience as one of the rural tourism, a total investment of 5 million yuan to implement Tao Bei village farmhouse project, a total investment of 13 million 100 thousand yuan to implement Jin Jia Wan driving camp project. Tao Bei village farmhouse project is mainly a combination of new rural construction, make full use of existing resources, to promote the whole village, the construction of 10 standard farmhouse, the estimated annual reception capacity of 20000 passengers, the project has started construction in March 2012, the 5 standard has been built and opened the farmhouse. Jin Jia Wan driving camp project is the new tourist service center, 90 square meters high standard farm 15 hotels, three parking lot of 5000 square meters, leisure park (season fishing Park, history culture and Business Hotel compound) and other auxiliary facilities, the project has completed a tourist service center three, parking lot, high standard Farm Hotel 8, the main historical cultural compound construction has been completed. (author: Zhang Fan Shengdong Zhang Zhijian)

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