This year, a large number of projects will be landing in our province

Wang started construction of local railways, takes a long highway, accelerate the Huatugou, Guoluo airport construction, solve the safety problems of drinking water for 250 thousand farmers and herdsmen…… In February 1st, reporters from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that in 2013 the province’s key projects in transportation, electric power, water conservancy in three major areas, increase investment, optimize the structure, and strive to a number of major construction projects fall flowering.

this year, our province will start the construction of Delingha to wanggaxiu local railway, and comprehensively promote the second double line railway and Lanzhou, Gd Tseng tin North local railway construction. At the same time, Delingha to start building, Xiangride Huashixia to Jigzhi highway, accelerate the Huatugou, Guoluo airport construction, to ensure that the two period, Delingha Airport, Xining Airport Huangnan airport completed and put into operation, complete location, and promote the Golmud Airport expansion and Qinghai Lake Airport early. In addition, Xining will comprehensively promote the station, cogeneration, 1000 MW photovoltaic power plant, sea wind farm construction in Yangqu hydropower project implementation of aluminum bridge expansion of thermal power plant, Xining, the construction of 180 MW distributed rooftop PV projects and remote areas without electricity photovoltaic independent power supply project, carry out the upper reaches of the Yellow River and Tongtian River basin hydropower project preliminary. To strengthen the construction of wind power and solar power transmission channel, to speed up the 750 thousand volt Qingxin network backbone network construction. The implementation of basic water diversion canal, yindajihuang West trunk, the eastern city of group of water conservancy security and other key projects in the planning, will be built Mashenge sheep, Dahua Reservoir, while promoting the Huangshui River Basin and Qaidam irrigation and water conservation project, improve the irrigation area of 300 thousand acres, 250 thousand farmers to solve the drinking water safety problem. (author: Xiao Yu)


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