To emancipate the mind as the driving force to punish illegal sewage interview Zhao Haoming

recently, the reporter in the past five years, the province to carry out illegal sewage remediation company, protect public health and environmental protection special action of the situation and future period to further strengthen the environmental protection special action, to emancipate the mind as the power of illegal sewage remediation company to promote environmental friendly society interviewed the provincial environmental protection bureau director Comrade Zhao Haoming.

Zhao Haoming said, carried out illegal sewage remediation company, protect public health and environmental protection special action, environmental protection departments to implement the requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development, is the embodiment of emancipating the mind and promote sound and rapid economic and social development, building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai to give our duty. Since 2003, under the unified arrangements of the provincial government, environmental protection, development and Reform Commission, Economic Commission, supervision, judicial, industry and commerce, safety supervision and other departments joint action, carried out for five consecutive years to severely punish environmental violations, safeguarding the rights and interests of the environment, ensure the health of the masses as the core of the special action to promote the province’s environmental quality improvement. Special operations, across the province for the local area prominent environmental problems, take the Listing Supervision, promote a strong form of a number of efforts to resolve the serious environmental pollution, the masses strongly affect regional and industrial pollution problems in environmental law cases of social stability and the protracted. Xining City, focused on remediation of the lime kiln and small Xin County of Huangzhong Steel Group surrounding the illegal small smelting group, Yinshan hall area fly Chemical Co., the five Village area indigenous gold and other pollution problems; Haidong Prefecture focus on remediation of Liu Chuan Xiang Tang Jia Cun in Huzhu County sand lime processing and Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County of ferrosilicon enterprises group, Ledu County Road 109 laoyacha area Shaolian gypsum enterprise and other pollution problems. Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture focused on remediation of the halogen light, smelting enterprises Jiangcang Muli Coalfield development and sand quarry unauthorized mining ecological problems; Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to carry out the "white trash" pollution remediation work. In five years, the province has dispatched personnel 13930 passengers, check the company 3940, investigate and deal with illegal enterprises 501, ordered deadline governance 312 enterprises or production management, according to the law closed down fifteen small (soil) "170 enterprises of 136 illegal businesses were to supervise the handling of the 52 enterprises, media exposure, 3 people have been held accountable. By the local government and relevant departments on the linkage of 198 governance hopeless enterprise was shut down and banned the 113 companies a deadline of governance or rectification, the implementation of administrative penalties for violations of the existing 38 enterprises environment, years of "big" basically solved the problem of environmental pollution.

Zhao Haoming said that through the implementation of special action, the industrial structure has been adjusted, the mode of development of the initial change. First, in accordance with the law to promote governance, to promote the transfer of the tune of the policy, according to the law to shut down the 56 did not comply with industrial policy, serious pollution, waste of resources and energy enterprises. Two is the strict construction project environmental access, guide and support the construction of high technology content, long industrial chain, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution projects, strictly control high energy consumption, high pollution projects, rejected the first part does not meet the national industrial policy and low-level redundant construction;

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