Entrepreneurial Godfather Ji Qi entrepreneurial experience

in business on the road, "hero" in their career achievements always will make a lot of ordinary people Yang Xing sigh. Entrepreneurial Godfather Ji Qi is a veritable entrepreneurial hero, his entrepreneurial experience is worth the entrepreneur to seriously understand, think, perhaps can get a lot of wisdom.

44 year old Ji Qi, known as the godfather of entrepreneurship has been a long time. In 10 years, he founded a total of 3 companies, and achieved the successful listing of the 3 companies. He is an investor in the eyes of the first person in the world ", summed up his partner big" no suspense".

Hanting’s $1 billion

however this world many "first", but is a floating vocabulary, it’s real value, only the parties The imprint is engraved on my heart.

proper humility, must, besides the "Godfather" of this identity, this seems to be not far from retirement; and the 44 year old Ji Qi, legitimate business puberty, which reporter asked him to retire, not to interview at.

business history

1999 in the spring of 3, they are Shanghai Jiao Tong University alumni in Xujiahui Lulu restaurant seated, China area: Oracle Consulting Director Liang Jianzhang, Shanghai Xiecheng high-tech company CEO Ji Qi, Deutsche Bank, Asia Pacific president (director and head of capital markets Chinese Shen Napeng). They are waiting for another alumnus, deputy general manager, general manager of Shanghai travel agency and Xinya hotel management company Fan Min.

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