Colleges and universities to promote entrepreneurship education so that people can dream the dream

with the upsurge of college students entrepreneurship, at present, colleges and universities for college students have also made a corresponding support. Pointed out that the Ministry of education minister Yuan Guiren 2, held here on the deepening of higher school reform and innovation and entrepreneurship education video conference, deepening the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform is an important part of the current and future periods to promote the comprehensive reform of higher education, we should conscientiously do a good job of six key tasks.

two to promote the cooperation between personnel training and social needs, promote the universities and colleges, universities and government, social collaboration between disciplines, promoting collaboration between the establishment of structural adjustment, various cooperation and cross training mechanism.

three to strengthen the construction of experimental teaching resources sharing and extensive practice platform to build, run all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship competition. At present, the focus is to run the first China Internet + college students innovation and entrepreneurship contest.

four to establish a personalized teaching management system training, the implementation of school innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to establish credit accumulation and conversion system, the reform of academic evaluation methods.

Fifth, adhere to full participation in the

six to innovation culture as an important part of university culture construction, focus and level seminar forum, a whole variety of thematic activities. To increase the value of innovation and entrepreneurship, to explore the establishment of an advanced model of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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