What is the name of the cosmetics shop law

in the current rich market, many industries because of the needs of the public have ushered in more development, the cosmetics on the market now is one of the most promising products, so if you want to open a cosmetics shop to how it was? Here we look at the name of the name of the cosmetics store?

1. simple and popular. Cosmetics shop name must be concise, easy to understand and read loud to smooth, catchy, if signs of uncommon words, it is hard to pronounce, is not easy for visitors to learn.

2. have a unique style. There are tens of thousands of cosmetics shops, with the words of the different, so that their own shop in the name of a special, reflecting an independent taste and style, to attract the attention of visitors.

3. associated with their own business. The cosmetics store name words should be in line with their merchandise, to choose a let people see your business name from the name can, if the name has nothing to do with commodity, it may cause the viewer’s resentment, not to talk about the deal. At the same time, the cosmetics store name with the keyword will make the store easy to search to the customer.

4. auspicious words. With Chinese aesthetic words, the name of your cosmetics store should look there is a kind of beauty, do not frontsword, in order to attract people’s attention and the use of some dark and vulgar, disgusting name, such a result would be counterproductive.

some people when to shop named a prominent name is indeed lead to innovative consciousness, innovative, but can not accept, for the public so that the relevant laws and regulations is a very important point. So, if you open a cosmetics shop, now want to shop a suitable name, do you know what to comply with the regulations?

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