Take five steps to successful entrepreneurship is easy

want to achieve the dream of life, you have to be good at seizing every possible opportunity to bring you success. Entrepreneurship, a sound is very far away, but always in the word. It is said that one out of every five people you know is starting a business. They wander, lonely, but insist. It’s a long way to go, but it’s worth it.

, a network of medicine is also poison

the start of each period of business contacts, cooperation is indispensable strength. But again, the energy consumed in relationships, and the power gained through connections, is often unequal. When you begin to spend too much energy on maintaining a network of contacts, it is no longer your medicine, but the focus of your poison. You know, do a successful product more convincing than a man who can help you. Don’t be too superstitious, choose the most important thing to do, set priorities for your time.

The founder of

once contact customer graduated from famous university, people is the most lack of things for him. A "next year we are still young: desire, time, life, regret," the reality will bring him into the people’s vision, but 2 years later, he said his business failed, in the "early product" "false target user" primary error before, people cannot help him solve any the problem.

two, don’t forget, for all you do to prepare for

During the

at the same time, the Jules fastening belts of business people spend on PR may last only to consider. However, the power of PR often when you are still unknown, it is invisible for you to add value, to help you get ahead of investors, customers, businesses, and even the internal team.

Liu Qiangdong before the listing, he exposed and tea sister relationship with PR, Baidu index from 20 thousand to 6 thousand directly doubled, virtually again the focus back to him with the Jingdong who, overnight, as we all know, I do not know, how much time and advertising".

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