2017 in Chongqing, the recruitment of the nternet industry has attracted much attention

come back after the holiday, are you considering changing jobs? This is the situation every year, 2017 Chongqing recruitment market will be what changes? Today, under the leadership of the small series, we look at the work of Chongqing to become popular? Hope to be able to find a job you bring more help, so you can find a suitable job.

in the recruitment of talent recruitment network, a network of cultural companies to recruit 10 sales representatives, but in the morning, to fill in the resume, but only two people. Speaking of the recruitment of sales staff, recruitment representatives on the ground shaking, it is too difficult to recruit, especially electricity sales, too few people willing to do."

in the face of recruitment pressure, hiring companies have even changed the pay structure of telemarketing. "As long as you work, even if no sign of a customer, every month the company will give you 1500 yuan of salary, salary is no responsibility. In addition, according to the daily attendance, attitude and other performance assessment, we have 1000 yuan bonus assessment. On this basis, the business commission count. That is, to ensure the minimum income of 1500 yuan, to ensure the basic livelihood of employees." A recruitment representative said, even so, still there are few job seekers are willing to accept enterprises extend the olive branch.


", in fact, sales positions quite exercise people." Huibo talent official said that in sales, employees need to know the performance and characteristics of their products, to understand customer needs, understand the mentality of customers, which requires you have certain communication skills and hard-working spirit, these exercises will become a life of wealth.

sales high pressure, high strength, fast-paced work characteristics, it can be decided to lower the threshold, but want to do a good job is not easy. Therefore, it is important for a job seeker who doesn’t have much experience. However, many people can not stand, a few short days, a few months long can not do it.

in Chongqing City, the Internet industry has become a hot selling work, a lot of people know, sales have been the highlight of the recruitment market, for many sales elite, in a good platform can be deployed, can make their life value sublimation, can bring more opportunities for the development of their own, this is people change the original intention of the work.

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