Help customers will be anxious to let the shop has more loyal customers

if a shop is really from the perspective of customers, the customer would like to think, but also help customer, believe such shops will be highly recognized by the customers, and make the business of the shop get a greater degree of security. In short, the customer will be anxious to make the store more and more loyal customers, business will be better and better.

there are some taxis parked in front of my shop. These taxi drivers are mostly home elsewhere, but in my shop near by. Occasionally, these drivers come in to buy a bottle of water, or buy a box of cigarettes. If stopped a long time, they will come to me through the basin, used for cleaning cloth.

at this time, I always eager to lend their own things, but also help them to draw water, they politely say thank you, I always smiled and said: "don’t mention it, when you use their own home." The benefits of doing so in the coming days let me harvest quite.


drivers have become our customers, as long as they drive to the store when this piece, buy cigarettes, buy water guaranteed into my store. What impressed me most is that they also recommend my store colleagues when they took to the field of passengers, passengers that want to buy goods but I do not know where to buy, will be keen to keep my recommendation to them, and bring them to my home.

In fact, the

owner did not pay how much sacrifice, but the needs of the customers in the real, standing on the point of view of the customer, provide the services they need for their business, will make such hot. So, if the shop to do business, but also need to consider more from the customer point of view.

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