90 to sell socks and eventually became a big industry

bank’s work is relatively stable, natural family all hope children can adhere to work in a bank, not to sell socks, which for this 90 guy is 20 years to do the right decision.

"at that time parents are very much opposed to the resignation of entrepreneurship, always said I would fail, now completely changed." He was only 24 years old, the use of two years has become an annual sales of nearly 10 million business owners. Compared with his father, who had been working at a local sock production workshop for more than and 10 years, Chen Jianan earned more than a year of his father’s income for the last 15 years.

in Datang Town, and the government needs to give the transformation and upgrading of the industry due to preferential policies, so that more and more young people return home or inherited his father, fathers are fast catching up with the story has been staged.

90 to sell socks earned 2 million

began to build the town from 1988, is now one of the top 100 town in the column of Datang town is the world’s largest production base of socks. June 4, 2015, the first batch of provincial characteristics in Zhejiang province to create a list of published, Zhuji Datang socks art town in which.

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