Guizhou province Huangping County Rural Women e-commerce training classes

is working to promote rural women’s self employment, Guizhou Huangping introduction of e-commerce technology, and carry out related training, driven by grassroots women involved in the Internet business, on the road to prosperity.

1 11 July, Guizhou province Huangping County Rural Women Entrepreneurs backbone e-commerce training classes. From the county women’s Federation cadres, grassroots backbone of women’s entrepreneurship expert, agatanoatae relevant units responsible for a total of more than 100 people participated in the training.

"women in rural areas should make full use of the entrepreneurial rural e-commerce in this new way, trying to make their industry bigger and stronger, to be good at learning, by mastering entrepreneurship knowledge, to become a new growth point in Huangping county economic development, and promote the industry to accelerate development, promote economic transformation and upgrading." Li Wenshun, deputy magistrate of Huangping county.

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