The university did not graduate founded the company to be listed in less than a year

in our social life, often there will be some of the more amazing story of entrepreneurship, some special entrepreneurs extraordinary entrepreneurial experience can also give people a lot of inspiration, the next step is to introduce entrepreneurs is such a.

and father bet, three months less than the list will give up

the father bet with him: for a period of three months, if it does not receive a list of words, just to go to work.

unexpectedly, less than a month’s time, he bought from Dezhou to the first single. Since then, a get out of hand, raise funds, recruit staff, run three work orders, go hand in hand, less than a year, his car ran more than 60 thousand km, take a total of 10 million yuan in order, the office continues to expand, has changed three times, expanded to five hundred square meters, staff development to nearly hundreds of people, and is the uniform "after 90" College graduates.

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