2015 what is the most profitable business in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of our country, the level of consumption is high, the market is developing rapidly, many traditional projects and special projects. In such a city full of hope and opportunity, what can we do to make money in 2015? The whole network of small details for your.

2015 new Beijing city what kind of business? Stone engraving products, such as flat relief murals, road monument, monument, monuments, plaques and so on, are widely used in building decoration, commercial store signs, the original forest, cemetery and municipal construction of  . For thousands of years, the original stone carving products is loved by the public, but because of the manual operation using a hammer, chisel, long processing time, high labor intensity, high skill requirements, far unable to meet the current   carving large quantity, fast speed, high quality, fine graphics, specification and other requirements.

2015 new Beijing do business? For example, shampoo to say. You look for a wholesale place to find an unknown product, but do not look for special water of the kind of things Oh, probably the wholesale price of 3 – 5 yuan between  . To rent a room for the Office (don’t store Oh, very expensive), then you can go to the business registration of a company name you can do the boss (registration is very cheap Oh), but   looking for one or two direct selling can also be friends, he can guide the new employees. You can send the advertisement recruit salespeople or sales, do not charge what the deposit like. First of all you have to   believe in others. Recruitment of new employees you can ask him to study with the old direct marketing for two days, and then shipped to them alone.


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