How to open shop shop owner Manicure Manicure personally about business skills

women are more beautiful, so women spend most of their money on clothes. Manicure in the past two years is the fire, many people would like to open a shop Manicure. At the end of the year, Manicure shop early in the morning has a Manicure shop have said that at present has gradually entered the peak period Manicure. How to open Manicure shop? Manicure shop owner told you personally about business skills.

"elf and nail gel is bright this year’s flagship style, your skin white, this’ white elves’ suits your complexion, you should choose the style, can give you half an hour to do the morning of January 13th 9, the reporter went to the Wenzhou shopping mall in Weicheng a as a kind of mode of a" Manicure store, mall just business soon, Manicure store has three customers in Manicure. The reporter saw, Manicure divisions were wearing masks to customers to do the nail care edge styles. Because the store people hand limited, few customers had to wait. According to the Manicure division Li Na introduction, from January 10th, to Manicure people a day more than a day up to the store consultation can reach forty or fifty, is usually five or six times, nine in the morning after the mall business has been busy in the nine night. "It is not the most busy, a small night may be busy to eleven to two o’clock, will be the most crowded period." Li Na said, this business has been good, Manicure prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan, most of the customers love to do 60 yuan to 140 yuan. At the same time, they also free for customers to do Manicure nail care.

at 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporter went to a company called "eighth Manicure shop" Manicure shop near Kuiwei District Thai department store, the store is filled with Manicure and Manicure waiting for customers, just ten minutes, Manicure shop have been to several Manicure for customers. The original large Manicure shop looks extraordinarily lively.

"usually busy with work, I rarely do nails, today came the interest, wanted to make a color. I think 10 points will be very busy, I did not expect this shop a few people pretty much." Ms. Kang said, finally, she chose a few guests of the Manicure shop.

Ms. Lee is a

traffic peak

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