Wood products market demand boughs can also become rich raw materials

speaking of branches, even if it’s never lived in the rural areas of the city children can know what is a what kind of things, but never think of people, even branches can also be used as a wealth of material, can help countless people realize their dreams of wealth!

in Shandong Tancheng fan Shanian village, before cutting from a tree branches except what Cha Cha, for other uses, but in recent years, these branches not only bought, and the price is rising year by year, the farmers here have much income a year, look at these branches they can sell how much.

2006 in Shandong Tancheng County, the twelfth lunar month, every family is busy fan Nian Cun buy poplar, but they don’t buy all the trunk, branches and twigs. The villagers Huang Fulan home with these branches, "this is just south of the finished leather, yesterday, the day before yesterday sent, and brought the last night." According to her, as early as three or four years ago, these things no one wants. The firewood, but now these branches not buy more, not afraid to buy.

secretly, but want a piece of fat Fan Jimei villagers. Fan Jimei kept himself at home for a week. With 3O years of experience in making toys, stunned the Japanese doll done with an air of importance. Not only the successful completion of the order, but the old fan also has a heart. He thought that if these things have a market abroad, that is not

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