Zhongguancun vigorously promote the new era of medical Entrepreneurship

with double activity continues to advance, the medical field also began to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Especially in the center of science and technology entrepreneurship – Beijing, Zhongguancun, biomedical industry in the field of medicine is ushering in a new opportunity.

"opinions" put forward in the future 5 years of Zhongguancun medical business planning, which mainly involves eight key directions: (a) biological pharmacy. (two) new drug preparations. (three) modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. (four) high-end medical devices. (five) new clinical diagnosis. (six) inspection and testing technology and precision instruments. (seven) high-end health food and cosmetics. Eight) internet medical services. To promote the integration of innovative mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other new generation of information technology and medical and health services, to support the development of telemedicine, the third party online medical imaging diagnosis, and referral, medical e-commerce and other new Internet services pilot, the development of new formats and new business models.

how to support better, enterprises have the right to speak? Beijing e-run Health Industry Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as e-run Health) executives told reporters that they are in accordance with the "Beijing Municipal People’s Government Office on accelerating the development of a number of opinions" Zhongguancun biological medicine and medical equipment and the development of related industries to accelerate the Internet plus medical industry, hopes to become the pioneer of "double". Beijing e-run health industry investment limited run billion Investment Group subsidiary, e-run investment group was founded in 2007, successfully launched the first branch of the North Investment Limited Partnership Fund, dozens of companies, many enterprises have been listed; in 2014, e-run Investment Group shares the largest private investment company "Chinese livelihood investment Limited by Share Ltd", the beginning of a new era of business.

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