To acne products ten brands list

fine facial features, if the left is all sorts of acne will naturally affect the appearance. However, now an important problem in many people is acne. Because of such a social phenomenon, which was very much to the acne products. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce a ten brand acne products list.

Douyin products ten brand ranking NO1- French champions Quanlin series set

Product introduction:

series containing French champions Quanlin activator of Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, mint, collagen rich cells, through the direct effect on damaged skin tissue, sort of disorder, improve skin cells activity and The new supersedes the old. activity, promote the regeneration of skin fresh cells; finally eliminate pock, also your skin whitening. The French champions Quanlin series is its excellent quality and reputation of the brand ranked first.

Douyin products ten brand ranking NO2- Biotherm biopur Qing pox cleanser

Product introduction:

copper and zinc can be tough skin, so in daily life should be more intake of food rich in copper and zinc. If the "oral", then Biotherm biopur Qing pox cleanser is "topical". This cleanser is rich in minerals, copper and zinc, can regulate the secretion of oil, and water rich foam, can help the skin to eliminate acne blemishes. Biotherm ranked second with its brand effect.

Douyin products ten brand ranking NO3- Vichy resurfacing anti acne cream

Product introduction:

, Vichy resurfacing suppression pox cream, is a directly applied to the acne and defective parts of products. Silky texture, for acne and inflammation of the protruding parts, make acne and blemishes immediately burst to get relief, the swelling gradually subsided, the fresh green lake, open in the acne around Instant unfolding, can naturally cover red blemishes, help skin blemishes restored to normal skin, while too much control oil secretion. Daily evening after cleansing and smear skin areas need to make its full effect at night, daytime could be reused, to speed up the acne / acne disappear.

Douyin products ten brand ranking NO4- Avene cleansing gel

Product introduction:

Avene cleansing gel is oily skin problems adolescence, cleaning and cleansing. Three active ingredients together to produce a complete role: to alleviate inflammation, regulate oil secretion, purify the skin. Fresh gel texture: make skin clean.

acne products ten brands list NO5- refreshing toner


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