Women’s corporate stores are showing explosive growth in the era of women entrepreneurs

a lot of people are related to the problem of male entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship. 53 women compared to 534 men, this is a relatively high proportion of. However, the 53 women represent a rising power, they are outstanding representatives of a large number of women in the global business community. Over the past more than and 10 years, the growth of women’s companies and shops has exploded. />

it is reported that in 2008, software industry will become a huge industry, the annual output value of 87 billion U.S. dollars, which also provide a broader space for the development of women in the field. At the same time, women in leadership opportunities are more than before in the enterprise, especially in the financial sector, this situation is more obvious: the largest bank in the United States in the manager, as much as the number of women and men. In the factory, the number of women in key positions also reached 26%. />

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