2015 Chinese postal savings bank innovative wealth contest ended successfully

small and micro enterprises in China is the main mode of participation of the masses, small and micro enterprises operating flexible, according to market development direction at any time to adjust their plans. Most of the young entrepreneurs choose small and micro enterprises started, China postal savings bank is a way to support the game.

the contest, sponsored by the postal savings bank and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of agriculture, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s government, the postal savings bank of Jiangsu branch to undertake. Contest to lead the future of innovation, entrepreneurship change life, striving to achieve the dream as the theme, attracting more than 6 young entrepreneurs. The final 150 projects from the country more than 44 thousand talent shows itself in the project, and ultimately decide the winner of various awards in different groups.

to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, reduce the financing cost of young entrepreneurs, to improve the convenience of financing services; />

During the

the postal savings bank has been held for 6 consecutive years wealth contest a series of activities, in the process to small loans, personal business loans, small business loans of three kinds of products as the basis, for individual entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses to create a wealth of financial services alliance and financial support, brand communication, technical guidance and recommendation

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