What are the two things to look for in a partner

decided to work together with partners to create a cause, naturally need to find like-minded people, this will help the future career development. However, many investors because of the choice of partner is not careful enough, leading to the development of the latter has been greatly affected. In short, if you want to choose the right partner, you need to pay attention to two points. So, looking for partners to pay attention to two points?

first, the risk tolerance should be consistent with

risk bearing capacity is divided into two types of psychological and real life, some people psychological ability is poor, you often need to give comfort, tiring, until one day to comfort, only to inform him of the good side, glossy, gradually he would not discuss the worry again, they feel more and more like his partner.

is more difficult is the reality of life, it is very embarrassing thing. When we only get 5000 yuan living expenses, can live a relatively decent, but when the company encountered difficulties, only 2000 yuan living expenses, a partner can’t live, can’t drink coffee, can’t see the movie, the partner can only be strong to endure, if you encounter greater difficulties, wages are not made, the partners will be in the heart among themselves, this is the life I want?

if you happen to be in partnership with a rich two generation, when you ride a bicycle to a flat every day for a provincial ticket, your partner can drive a sports car to work. It is tangled, when the company is short of funds, the rich two generations actually took out their own years of accumulated enough to buy the company’s new year’s money.

in order to avoid this embarrassment, as far as possible to find people with similar economic base to partner.

two, pay attention to the implementation of energy

things are done out, not want to come out, talk about it, you can perform different roles in the course of the task, but can not pay too much energy gap. If the gap is very large, people pay more attention to their contributions, less energy to protect their own status, will find ways to prove their value in the company, may deliberately despise the link.

this kind of two ends of the mood will be intensified, especially when the less energy to pay more attention to the people, the mood will erupt. Small and micro businesses often little investment, investment 200 thousand never involved in the implementation process is love partner and backseat driver threw 5 hard every day and the partner is very difficult, want to worry about every day in executive partner is how soon put 200 thousand out, oneself alone.


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