Zhengzhou, the country’s largest shantytowns project began to cap

with the city to speed up the process, around the shantytowns project have been carried out, the Zhengzhou airport experimentation area is the largest shantytown shantytowns China District, has been the subject of concern, the project has been completed.

construction of the largest population in China, one of the largest shantytowns project area – Zhengzhou airport experimentation area shantytowns project 5 to enter the peak period.

Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area is China’s first Airport Economic Development Zone, is also the first inland open test area. Total investment of 76 billion 900 million yuan in the experimentation area shantytowns project, with a total construction area of 21 million 321 thousand and 800 square meters, can accommodate about 400 thousand people.

is involved in the project construction of China Railway eighteen bureau director Peng Lei told reporters that since the end of last year started, in close cooperation with the eighteen bureau group and the construction, design and supervision departments, in just 293 days, ahead of schedule to achieve the first 33 storey high-rise building body cap.

According to the

airport experimentation area shed construction Hedong commander Wang Jinjie, experimentation area of the studio to change the project plan in January 2018 will be built in stages, the living conditions greatly improved the local residents.

shantytowns not only to enhance the level of housing residents, but also for the construction of the city has a positive meaning. Zhengzhou airport experimentation area shanty town cap has begun, China’s largest shantytowns will soon show a new look in the eyes of the world!

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