How to open a pizza shop experience sharing

now our domestic catering industry comprehensive development, and some new types of food and products also became popular, many people pay more attention to the development of delicacy market, now open pizza shop business is very fire.

(Pizza, i.e. Italian pizza pie) can be said to have been beyond the barrier of language and culture, become a global food. But people in different countries and regions have a slightly different taste when eating the pie.

No matter where

A, one fact to know

two, first hand

if you have pizza business experience, you can skip this step. However, if you have never worked in a pizza shop, at the very least temped pizza shop, such as the production of baked pizza, waiter, dishwasher, delivery person no matter what.

three, choose a good location

made in a high rent popular A and a low rent is B. The location of A seems to be a smart choice, the location of the B has one or several disadvantages that can lead to less than your desired sales. A remote place will be like a blood sucking insects like mop your energy, your blood drained.

a wadi should have: A, the location must be very obvious; B, import traffic must be very convenient; in C, within a mile radius to a large number of potential pizza customers; D, must be located in the main road and on residents.

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