nternet into the era of social networking platform has become an open SNS trend

In recent years,

(Facebook) on Facebook, happy social network network is leading a new growth momentum of the Internet industry, and open platform has become the China SNS website (Social Networking Services, the social networking service) a new round of development trend, and is regarded as the key to realize the value of times, to establish a good ecological environment of the internet.

In the days before the

held in Shanghai "2011 social networking forum," Facebook Effect "the author of Patrick (David Kirkpatrick) said at the forum, social networking is the current global Internet users represent the general trend, stay on Facebook time than Google, which marks the social network as the core a new generation of Internet services is growing, and has been integrated into the mainstream mode of life.

"Internet users access to the Internet from the portal to search engines, and then to the transformation of the social network, which is a basic trend. In the future, social networks will dominate the internet." Happy network CEO Cheng Binghao believes that in 2012 the social network is like the Internet in 2000, because it is an immeasurable impact on consumers.

experts, the social network as the dominant digital communication channels stand out, for many people, social networking has become the preferred channel of communication. In this situation, the social network based on the real relationship will influence and lead the development direction of the future Internet format.

"Google organizes the world’s information and shows it to people, but Facebook and other social networks want to be the owner of all Internet identities. With the development of technology, the Internet is entering the era of social." The northern lights investment director Hao Tian said the general manager jiang. Cheng Binghao stressed to reporters: in the past, we say that the traditional industries of the Internet, and now we say that the Internet enterprise social networking, the future of each Internet companies will be SNS."

concern is that in the current social networking boom, open platform is becoming a new trend in the development of the domestic SNS website, including the happy net, renren.com, Tencent, a number of social networking sites competing for third party developers to open platform, through resource sharing, benefit sharing mode, attracting a large number of third party applications settled, so as to realize the rich website function, enhance user stickiness effect.

open is the key to the success of social networking, but also the key to establish a good ecological environment of the internet." Cheng Binghao pointed out that the successful experience of Facebook’s open platform is particularly worthy of reference to domestic SNS sites. The end of October this year, happy net and marriage together with Tencent in the field of SNS, both a very important part in the cooperation, is in an open platform for cooperation on the future application of third party developers will be able to synchronize access to the Tencent and the happy net two platform, so as to realize the win-win cooperation between the parties.


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