PHPWind elite salon salon held in Nanjing in March 21st

webmaster network March 21st message PHPWind elite salon in the afternoon of March 21st,, Nanjing City, Hengdian city water tour held. The Salon Hosted by, from around the country more than 100 webmaster and Internet business representatives attended the salon activities. The first salon link from Alipay, Mr. Huang Danfeng, Google Chinese online sales and operations director Ms. Wang Ying, Xicihutong general manager Mr. Liu Hui, Mr. Ning di CNZZ product director and deputy general manager of Zhongdian Huatong Network Management Co Ltd Ke Shuhu 5 guests around the surrounding community development and profitable topics made a wonderful speech, the scene applause continuous, active atmosphere.

webmaster interactive link is set off by the owners to participate in the interactive aspects of the climax, as long as sending messages to 135******** station, live on the big screen will display the webmaster of the mobile phone number and content of the message, the webmaster can also questions to the guests through this form.

the next senior webmaster dialogue is divided into 2 groups: ( from the station Guo Jijun, Chinese online ( others, flying military ( person in charge, long lane ( money Yu, Thailand boring ( person in charge, stationmaster net founder Wang participated in the first group theme map "their entrepreneurial story" group discussion, shared their experience of their own web site. From the statistics, ( founder Zhang Jinwen, Jiyang community ( leader, Xicihutong ( general manager Liu Hui, molyx founder Shen Wei participated in the second groups of the theme of "creating new webmaster Web Era" group discussion, everyone on the current SNS and Web2.0 each one airs his own views to express their unique views.

beauty salon salon announced the launch of

salon party propaganda logo wall

PHPWind founder Wang Ji speech

Xicihutong general manager Mr. Liu Hui delivered a keynote speech

Google Greater China online sales and operations director Wang Ying introduced the future direction of Google Advertising

to participate salon


operations director Huang Danfeng issued a "comprehensive profitmodel" speech

webmaster network figure site to answer questions

CNZZ product director Di Ning shows how to use statistical analysis of site value

Deputy general manager of

Zhongdian Huatong Network Management Co Ltd Ke Shuhu referral >

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