Stationmaster net broadcast 1 billion 800 million qiyi capital investment for millet and Meizu Mx P

1 hi car officially landed on the NYSE on the first day of break down 2.50% 

Beijing on November 19th news, officially listed on the New York stock exchange a car last night, the first day closing price of $11.70, $12 higher than the issue price fell 2.50%.

a car yesterday to determine the issue price of $12, is located in the lower limit of $12 to $14 price range, plans to issue 10 million shares of ADS (American Depositary Shares), financing $120 million.

2 beans fruit food was C round of financing: Community + electricity supplier behind the key in the community atmosphere to cultivate

yesterday, delicacy recipe sharing application announces $25 million C round of financing, led Party voted for the capital and clean capital valuation of about $300 million, at the same time, bean fruit also released 5.3 new versions.

this revision in the bean fruit food founder, dark Camp Camp Wang Yuxiang seems significant. He took the phone to the I dark horse reporter showed a new version of the beans fruit line, and told reporters bean fruit food currently has 75 million users, and the number of users will exceed the end of the year by 100 million.

Luo Zhenyu: "

3; " content is king is nonsense; the Internet will completely change the human   link;

Internet era, whether it is the media, businesses or individuals are facing transformation. In the view of "the logic of thinking" founder Luo Zhenyu, the outside world of the Internet as a new channel of the idea is not accurate, the Internet does not let the world Datong, "content is king" is nonsense. Let us look at, Luo Zhenyu is how to look at the current Internet transformation, and what are the logical thinking he wants to present to you? The following is the speech of Luo Zhenyu.

now everyone has Internet thinking anxiety, even Ma Huateng, he did not dare to leave Chinese to visit Silicon Valley, afraid to leave the company for several months without going into the market, Facebook is very China, because American young people don’t have it, he China is the last straw for the market; a limelight, feel insecure. Just give yourself the success of the book, or just a good city, the company soon.

Millet and

4 for capital of 1 billion 800 million yuan investment in Iqiyi Baidu  

with the cast;

November 19th afternoon, millet and capital announced that millet rolls for the capital to 1 billion 800 million yuan ($300 million) stake in Iqiyi, Baidu also added to Iqiyi’s investment. The completion of this round of investment, Iqiyi and strategic shareholders of Baidu and millet technology content, product innovation, especially in the field of mobile Internet to expand the depth of cooperation.

CEO, Iqiyi founder Gong Yu said, millet is the investment of network video industry and Aiqi >

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