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is very fortunate, 12 years ago, an inattentive to enter the IT industry, specifically, is entering the field of IT media. In the most appropriate time to enter the most appropriate areas, to the full experience of the initiation and growth of China’s internet. Now, when I look back, it is countless amazing changes.

yesterday and friends eat dinner, once again talked about the IT media. We are all circles who have experienced the late 90s IT media hot and lively, these years, the friends are basically belong to the IT media circle. Including the early Internet users, are naturally classified as IT media personnel list. However, IT professional media now have changed. As if overnight, such an active industry almost disappeared.

Internet impact on traditional media, which is our consensus. However, the disappearance of IT professional media market, not just the problem of the internet. Because, if it is the Internet, so it should be a professional website IT. However, the present situation is that domestic and foreign IT professional sites are also beginning to be left out in the cold.

My home is Cnet

in the past, that is my most love website, every gas station, it can pay homage. Then, after 2002, it was blog China and Sina technology. And now, I can not remember how long did not see the Sina technology. Or simply, even people like me have little or no access to IT sites or IT channels, so how much popularity is likely to grow?

obviously, grasp the trend is fundamental. Very cruel, like the fate of IT professional media, IT professional website will gradually be marginalized, will gradually fade out of people’s vision. This, from the world’s first and second IT sites Cnet and ZDnet can be seen on the fate. The Internet is so cruel, not only destroyed the traditional fields, destroy itself is constantly seeking new and old.

IT professional website is not without any way out, the success of Slashdot and Digg, as well as the popularity of many science and technology blog site, as well as a number of IT consumer website prosperity, are more open new way. Only limited to the traditional industry circle and thinking is a dead end.

so, we do the site, finally to say goodbye to the IT professional circle, only for time, is active or passive. Looking for a broader future, not only the problem of the industry, but also the development of each individual problems. You can fight and fight, but no one can compete with the trend. Let IT media experience in memory, after all, that is the beginning of our, it is the beginning of the internet.

above: the world’s second largest IT site ZDnet, the current major traffic is to rely on a number of professional blog, traditional traffic almost disappeared




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