CCTV Tencent reported 360 cloud disk deposit a large number of pornographic content

network era of information storage in a new way, cloud disk is a kind of direct information stored in the network space. And the traditional hard disk is different, there is no entity cloud disk, the user does not need to bring it on the body, just an account name and password, you can in the network environment, upload, read and download the information. Originally the cloud disk is convenient for people’s life and work, but the criminals also took a fancy to the cloud disk storage capacity, fast transmission and sharing convenient, the cloud has become a "hidden" pornographic information gathering.

in May this year, Beijing City pornography office and the police received a report from the masses, said some criminals to WeChat and other social networking tools as a platform to sell some numbers and letters and a combination of password, the password is actually one of the 360 cloud disk account, which stores a large amount of pornographic content.

after investigation, law enforcement officers found that criminals will be pornographic content stored in the 360 cloud disk, with the user name and password, the buyer can extract the download. What is more, some of these pornographic information is a minor being sexual content.

at the same time, Jiangsu, Nantong police also reported according to the Tencent Inc, investigated and dealt with similar cases, the sales of 360 cloud disk account, there are also involved in children’s pornographic content.

according to the Beijing juvenile correctional facilities into the prison survey: juvenile rape, gang rape and sexual crimes are in the age between 14 to 17 years old, they had 100% long-term exposure to pornographic information network.

at the same time, often browse pornographic information, but also to some young people, from the victim into a communicator. The Beijing, Jiangsu Nantong two pornographic profit cracked the case, suspects were arrested, most of them are just under the age of 18 young people.

law enforcement officers pointed out that the cloud disk storage capacity, easy to watch, spread fast, as long as there are account and password, you can at any time and place, online watch. Therefore, compared with other modes of transmission, the use of cloud disk for the dissemination of pornographic information, more subtle, more harmful.

at present, the company has closed 360 cloud disk account about 1400000 spreading pornographic information, and blocking technology upgrade. In order to give the children to create a good network environment, the beginning of March this year, the national anti pornography office launched a nationwide anti pornography · humiao 2015 special action. Disc for Internet dissemination of pornographic information is more prominent, recently, the national pornography Office of Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, the organization of Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places of pornography Department interviewed 360 cloud disk, LETV cloud, SkyDrive, HUAWEI, cool disk 115 SkyDrive, UC SkyDrive, fast thunder disc etc. a large number of SkyDrive company, request to delete harmful information, immediate rectification, and the serious fast thunder wheel SkyDrive enterprises to carry out administrative punishment. >

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